Feel free to drop into the cafe and have chat or email cycleclub@gorillacoffee.co.uk . You can join up for full membership or a free 1 week trial membership through our website here https://gorillacoffee.co.uk/register

Our annual membership starts from £39 per year (spread across 12 monthly payments) after which all rides are included! You can register for a free trial which enables you to join rides for 1 week so that you can try out riding with us. If you'd like to continue riding after that you'll need to join as a full member.

Please make sure your bike is in a safe, roadworthy condition and you're wearing a correctly fitting helmet and approriate clothing (most of our riders will wear cycling specific clothing but it's not compulsory. We also ask you to bring the tools needed to fix a puncture (spare inner tube, tyre levers, and a pump or CO2. If the ride will be out during low light or darkness then appropriate front and rear lights are compulsory and if the weather is poor then mudguards are encouraged. 

We also recommend that you carry ID (e.g. driving licence), water and food (e.g. banana or energy bars/gels) to keep you fuelled during your ride, money and your phone. 

All of our rides are available to join on our shop rides page. You'll need to register for either a trial or full membership to be able to join a ride. Our main rides head out on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings.

We have a great group of experienced ride leaders who take our groups out. They'll make sure you feel welcome, introduce you to your group and lead the ride on a safe and fun route.

Our groups on Sunday mornings usually head out at paces ranging from 14 through to 19mph. 

Thursday evening rides are usually a shorter and harder effort with groups heading out at paces ranging from 17 - 21mph.

We have a really strong social element to all our rides so most riders will stop for a chat and refreshment after the main group rides. You'll find that our members are a really fun and entertaining bunch to chat to.

We offer a free 1 week trial membership which enables to you to join rides during that time. If you'd like to continue riding with us after that you'll need to join as a full member.

As a club member you'll be able to join all of our rides, enjoy a 10% discount on labour in our workshop and a discount on individual British Cycling membership.

If you're new to riding in a group then our ride leaders will be happy to talk you through the basics and make sure that you feel comfortable before and during the ride. They'll talk you through the simple set of calls and hand signals that we use to point out hazards and ensure that the group is aware of what each other is doing.

All of our fab club kit is available to members. If you join us then you'll be able to rock the polka dots with pride!

Yes, we have a fully equipped workshop above the cafe, please get in touch with us to make a booking if your bike needs a tweak, repair or service. Club members also enjoy a 10% discount on labour. If your bike has a minor problem before a club ride we will do what we can to get you riding but please don't expect a full service minutes before a ride leaves.

Our regular club rides are on the road but plenty of club members also ride MTB, cyclocross, TTs and triathlons. If you're looking for company then the chances are that there will be some club members up for joining you.

All of our group rides are suitable for road bikes only, so please leave the TT bikes or bar extensions at home for group rides. This is to help make sure that you and your fellow riders are safe.